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Alina Li creampie video – free screenshots


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Here’s the first Alina Li creampie video! Enjoy the free screenshots below and click here to view the full video now!

Alina is a beautiful girl I met last night who was visiting from the East Coast but is originally from China. Last time I had someone from the Chinese mainland was Evelyn Lin, which was back in 2006 so I was very excited about getting the chance to do a Chinese creampie! Click here to watch the video

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Alina Li getting her tattoo removed

alina-li- tattoo removal process

Remember that handgun tattooo on Alina Li’s right hip bone? Of course you do, it’s the first thing you see when you look at her body.

Well it turns out, she decided to have it removed!

We are not to judge if it’s the right decisions, but we are eager to see more of Alina Li Videos with her tattoo removed!

Alina gets a mouthful of cum

Alina Li bigmouthfuls

We all know Alina Li is a cute eighteen year old girl, that is just starting her career in porn. She has an amazing, tight body that is just perfect. This scene starts off with Alina showing of her teen body, boobs and small ass and ends with her mouth full of cum!


Alina Li smiling

Alina is getting ready to suck some big cock and get properly fucked

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Sorority orgy

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It’s rushing time and this group is in for a surprise. The sisters started off playfully by launching water balloons at the naked rushes, pegging them and getting them all wet…but that was just the begining..When they got back to the house, the head sister started showing the rushes how to suck a dick by ramming a dildo down one of their throats.. she then proceded to put it in her pussy and fuck her good until she came…the other sisters joined in started eating pussies and ass, showing these rushes what they are in for if they join this sorority..