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Finally, after a string of sub-par, ex-chubby girls, GirlsDoPorn lands a legitimate cutey in Episode #209 – Natalie Lust!  Just seeing her fresh, pretty face and naturally thin body was almost a shock.  This is the type of girl GDP used to be all about, and I was excited to see that they landed another one!

Natalie Lust also seems very sweet, working as a caregiver for the mentally disabled.  But she is also very naughty, admitting to being a nympho after losing her virginity.  She also had her first sexual experience with another girl (!), muff-diving as a very early teen.  She also seems to have a guy’s attitude – she’s been single for over 4 years (!) but has fuck-buddies (and a HUGE waiting list, I’m sure).  She’s only tried anal once, and with her incredibly fine body, I’m PRAYING GDP asks this girl back for her first on-camera anal.  This looker is worth it.

Natalie Lust is blessed with big brown eyes that give her a naturally innocent look, which is of course my favorite.  She doesn’t appear to have any piercings, and just a few “sentence” tattoos on her arm and stomach and some stars on her shoulder that are easy to forgive.  If I’m picking nits, her arms are kind of under-toned and flabby, but that just indicates how young she is – still a teenager.  The rest of her body is fantastic – nice almost perfect B’s, smooth skin, and a young butt.  I couldn’t wait to see her get pounded.

Her blowjob skills are a bit mild, doing the ‘good girl’ type of sucking that concentrates on the tip and doesn’t go very deep.  She does make some efforts to go deeper, but starts to choke a little after only half (!) the shaft goes in.  She is either too excited or overheated, because she loses her breath a lot just trying to give head to that big dick.  I love hearing her gasp between sucks.  Her mouth is just too tiny, but that doesn’t matter.  Just seeing her extremely beautiful face taking a large cock into it is a dick-concrete experience.  Natalie Lust is very, very pretty:

Natalie lust girlsdoporn



Watching that innocent face and those big, doe eyes looking at you while she licks balls can almost do you in immediately. She takes those testicles into her mouth and washes them gently but very lovingly. I seriously wanted to bust just picturing her getting fucked because her blowjob face was so alluring. God damn, they have a winner with this girl:



The first time she gets on the bed and shows what’s going on underneath that dress will stop your heart. She lifts her dress up to reveal just a young ass and set of legs, so unblemished and smooth and so, SO fuckable. It is sights like this that make me so happy to be a man:



GDP does it’s usual fuck-up and does NOT show the initial penetration with such a fine body, which is like throwing out the bacon in a BLT sandwich – stupid. But I was so anxious to see her fuck that I didn’t care. She does have some baby fat on her, but in no way is she even remotely fat. It is just another indication of her youth, and if you love innocence like I do, then her small bit of baby fat will IGNITE your desire.

As they are fucking doggie, the guy losses himself and starts to lay into that new pussy, and the first time you hear her cry out and say “it’s way too big!” (15.05) will make you strain to keep your cum in you dick. Watch her left hand as it makes a sort of “stop” motion involuntarily as that big dick pounds. The mix of that great body reacting with pain and pleasure and the knowledge that it’s a dick size she can’t take will push you to shoot, as will her loud crying and moaning:



They do some POV during doggie, and the tightness of her pussy is astounding. Her virginal butthole is also perfectly formed. God, what I would give to be in that position:



She gets on top reverse-cowgirl, and watching her hip action while she looks directly at you is another heart-stopping, cum-dripping moment. It’s also the best view of those young, perfect-B tits, as well as her flat stomach and thin waistline:




After more oral with that adorable, ADORABLE face, they transition into cowgirl, and we get to see that ass. It’s more full and juicy than the rest of her, but there are no traces of cellulite, just that tiny layer of baby fat. God DAMN:



It is from this position that the guy fucks her the hardest from, and you can legitimately bust here because hearing her scream and moan to it is irresistible:

If you somehow hold out, they move into missionary and you will see for yourself how perfect her tits match her body:



He also fucks her hard here too, but you can tell she is exhausted by the constant deep-dicking and is just trying to survive it. That thought of her getting more dick than she can handle will have you edging on orgasm if not past it.

GPD scenes usually finish with oral that leads into a facial, but I think Girl #209’s gentler oral technique wasn’t quite enough. But the guy, to his credit, is no dummy and instead of jacking himself to a finish, he puts her back in missionary and fucks her in a way that will make him cum. I LOVE that he uses her body to do the finishing.

The cumshot is a letdown – there is no way around that. This new male talent has “dabbed” his cumshots each and every time, and it truly is a fire-able offence. When a girl this hot gives you a scene that is even hotter than expected, you want his streams to match your own – long, explosive, roof-hitting, eye-rolling, toe-cramping cumstreams that have you calling out. He fails, but you won’t.

This scene is exemplary and why a site like GDP needs to exist. It is Strongly Recommended, and in time may be a Permanent Keeper type of scene.

Natalie Lust gives a friday blowjob


Natalie Lust is a sexy red-head with an amazing body. She’s up for a challenge. Can she fit her mouth round Jacob Steel’s fat cock. Yes, she can. Natalie sucked that dick good until he bust a nut. Enjoy!CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL VIDEO