Scarlet’s first adult video

This is Scarlet Red’s first porn scene ever. It was published on GirlsDoPorn, August 2nd, 2013:

scarlet red girlsdoporn scene


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Despite her amazing charisma charisma, Scarlet Red also holds on to her innocence, because she chooses to.  She tells of how she hasn’t had sex in close to two months, because she is picky.  She doesn’t seem sex-crazed.  You never get a slutty feel coming off her – she’s just so well adjusted.

She lost her virginity at 16 – just a couple of years ago.  She is honest and admits that neither knew what they were doing back then.  Honesty infuses the scene at all times.  It will make her upcoming sexual honesty devastating to your stamina.

Click here to read the full review of this scene

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