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Veronica Radke career overview

Let’s look back at Veronica’s recent flood of releases and see where this girl stands today. When I first saw Veronica Radke, she was a brand new girl who exuded innocence because she actually was innocent and just had to be herself.  Specifically, it was her first two scenes that she shot (debuting on ExploitedCollegeGirls as “Taylor” found here, and then her excellent female completion scene from Only Teen Blowjobs found here )  where Veronica was still “herself”. veronica-radke-ecg

What do I mean by “herself”?  Well if you read my Review in the Description for her Only Teen Blowjobs scene, I talked about porn girls who make “The Leap”.  It is important that you read that part of that Description (linked above) because it applies to Veronica perfectly.

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