Veronica Radke career overview

Let’s look back at Veronica’s recent flood of releases and see where this girl stands today. When I first saw Veronica Radke, she was a brand new girl who exuded innocence because she actually was innocent and just had to be herself.  Specifically, it was her first two scenes that she shot (debuting on ExploitedCollegeGirls as “Taylor” found here, and then her excellent female completion scene from Only Teen Blowjobs found here )  where Veronica was still “herself”. veronica-radke-ecg

What do I mean by “herself”?  Well if you read my Review in the Description for her Only Teen Blowjobs scene, I talked about porn girls who make “The Leap”.  It is important that you read that part of that Description (linked above) because it applies to Veronica perfectly.

Briefly Summarized, “The Leap” is when a previously innocent and sexually inexperienced (relative to porn) girl who’s first few scenes show her behaving as such SUDDENLY become sexual dynamos that do acts that belie everything they were portraying before as a naive, untouched girl.  It usually happens around a girl’s 3rd – 4th scene if they are with one of the bigger agencies.  It makes a fan wonder, because how did that innocent girl go from being passively fucked and fumbling around to completely taking control of the sex and doing things like deepthroating and acrobatics and even anal? Was their previous ‘innocence’ just an act then? Well, the answer is they are trained.

Once an agency knows a girl will stick around the business and not flee, they will get more veteran girls on their roster to teach them “how to fuck like a pornstar”.  So their first 1-3 scenes ARE in fact innocent and inexperienced, where the girl is fresh off the plane and have no idea about the world of porn, and you get the most authentic performances from them.  But after that, if they are inside the “porn system”, they are trained to fuck “professionally” because agencies believe this will lead to more work and bigger pay.

If you read Veronica’s Only Teen Blowjobs Review, you will remember that she let it slip out that she was going to get “trained” in anal by another woman later that evening.  I highly suggest you read the OTB  Description on Veronica for more info on “The Leap”.  You can also read why I HATE that these girls’ innocence is beat out of them and they become ‘pornified’. Well, Veronica has definitely made “The LEAP”, and appears she is both a serious student and smart enough to take to her lessons quickly.


In her Casting-Couch X (found here) we not only see her doing skillful fucking on-top for the first time in her career, but she also unleashes her first squirting sequence.  It’s the type of squirting that is clear liquid and SHOOTS out of the girl like a fire hose.  I’ll let you decide for yourself if you believe it is real or not.  I’m skeptical.  But she still had a little innocence left in her by the way she was fucking.  It is obstructed a bit because the stupid setup of this series is that this is her FIRST shoot ever (it wasn’t) and makes her try to act even more innocent and naive than she actually was.  How dumb is that since she was still new enough that they didn’t have to give her lying dialog and a made-up backstory but could have just shot her as she was.



She does her first creampie with James Deen for X-art which used to be reserved for a bit later in a girl’s career, but lately has been more of a demand that they do to get work.  But even in this ‘softer’, X-art scene, her fucking skills are noticeably better than before.  She actually fucks back, where before she just received.  This is probably the first lesson all girls who make The LEAP are taught.



In her Innocent High scene (found here) actually does an in-the-air, upside-down 69 sequence for a while, which is totally out-of-character for someone who used to be innocent.  She also does some deepthroat for the first time, but isn’t great at it yet.  Her comfort in doing these acts shows either her training via the “mentoring” system or pre-practiced with the male talent beforehand.


Either way, she is well into “The LEAP” territory and is now a full on professional porn performer.  Her scenes are now ‘acts’ and not just the ‘reality’ of just pointing a camera at her and shooting her straight-off-the-bus innocence as before. Her FuckedHard18 scene (found here) is probably my favorite of her “post LEAP” scenes.  Because of the standardized format of the series, where the fucking positions are all cookie-cutter, it doesn’t require Veronica to do anything super-crazy sexually, and the series actually tries to portray their girls as being innocently “taken advantage of” somewhat by the male masseuse.  So it is probably Veronica’s best demonstration to show what she’s learned on how to fuck without completely stepping on her innocence.


But then we get her ultimate “I’m now a PORNSTAR and not a small-town girl from North Carolina anymore!!” performance in her Deep Throat Love scene (found here) where she does some real deepthroating and handles it easily.  I’ve been told that you can teach a girl how to deepthroat in an hour.  It supposedly is a lot like learning how to drink whisky shots – you hold breathing through your nose and just do it.  Veronica does it well, but it saddened me greatly that she was declaring herself eligible to do whatever a producer wanted instead of maintaining any innocence of her past.

For completeness, Veronica also did an Amateur Creampies scene which I have yet to watch.  I generally don’t like the shitty quality of the video, the bad camera work, and the unconcerned male talent in this series so it’s not something I look forward to normally.

I’ve made my lust for innocence well known, and Veronica Radke was at the top of that list with her ECG and OTB scenes.  They way her face and upper chest would flash red with shyness and embarrassment when asked sexual questions was to die for.  The natural way she talked about herself – unrehearsed and frank, with shy mannerisms – was a HUGE turn-on, especially when she described how she only had one long-time boyfriend before entering porn.

In my initial OTB review, I pleaded with the gods of porn for Veronica to maintain her innocence and not make “The LEAP” and get trained into just another porn performer. Well, it happened.  We got just two great pre-LEAP scene out of her where she was totally herself and sexually clumsy and inexperienced before she became a ‘pornstar’.  It crushed me to watch her ‘squirting’ and deepthroating and doing upside-down 69’s.  There is no putting the toothpaste back into the tube now. And without that innocence that, for me, was such a huge part of this girl’s appeal, it is becoming slowly more difficult to overlook some of her flaws.

Her pussy isn’t as small as someone with her body type might have.  Her boobs aren’t perfect.  And yes, her smile could be better. But I will also admit that it is exciting sometimes to see her newly energized fucking ability.  Watching her do the fucking for the first few times was exhilarating.  She proved how much she loved to please a man with her dick-sucking ability since the very start, and that has carried on into her on-top fucking skills too.  You can tell she wants to give a great performance and is into her scenes.  I just wished she was a little less of a quick study so her innocent appeal could still be there, but her agency and perhaps herself believes that this is the right path for her career.

So for me Veronica is at a nexus of sorts.  I still remember enough of her innocent phase to carry me.  And she is still new enough of a talent in her post-LEAP scenes that seeing her doing harder acts is genuinely exciting.  There is enough from both the “innocent” column and the new “good LEAP performer” column that when combined still has me anticipating a new Veronica Radke scene. But I also know myself well.  Those two “truly innocent” scenes will not maintain their power as more of her scenes are released.  Her appeal will slowly wear off, as it does with all porn girls.  She is already doing things that seem too money-grabbing like squirting and creampies.  She seems very determined to rocket through the ‘highlights’ of a pornstar’s career instead of playing it slower and longer.  How long before she is doing anal, two guys, IR, even a gangbang?  I almost don’t want to find out.

I suspect I will start to be more selective with watching Veronica Radke scenes in the future.  The ones that focus on her youthfulness and remind me of her previous innocence will get play.  But there will be many I’ll just skip altogether, as they will be just another porn performer doing her thing.  Maybe that is how it will always be with porn girls. I will give you a little secret if you love true innocence like I do.  If you want to extend your love affair with Veronica Radke and remind yourself how innocent she is in real life, follow her on Twitter (@VeronicaRadxxx).  You will see that she really does just stay at home and watch movies with her cute little dog every night, is afraid to date “because men are after only one thing” (ha!), and makes silly Vine videos that are sometimes unbelievably erotic (her Hitachi / pussy cream Vine vids are keepers!).  This too might eventually get ruined if she becomes the stereotypical party-porn girl, but for now it is a fresh dose of innocence.  Going through her twitter before watching her scenes is a must for me, almost like foreplay.

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